The MaWI-Coach - Training and Profile

The Migration and Workplace Integration Coach is at the heart of the MaWIC project. The role of the MaWI-Coach is to facilitate and support the process of workplace integration by using coaching approaches and techniques coupled with approaches from intercultural communication and competences. The MaWIC project has developed a competence profile that describes this role in detail, as well as a training programme that endows future MaWI-Coaches with the necessary knowledge, skills and competences they need in order to fulfil this important task.


The role of the MaWI-Coach is described in the learning outcome profile which specifies the necessary knowledge, skills and competences that the MaWI-Coach needs in order to support and facilitate the integration of migrants at the workplace.


The MaWI-Coach training programme has been developed on the basis of the learning outcomes profile. It is designed as a blended learning programme. The training has been documented in the training handbook that details all course contents and can be used by training providers in order to organise a similar training programme. The training materials are also available in the form of the training presentations.