DiversitAS (Diversity – Migration – Education) is a scientifically oriented center for dialog and interconnection in research and teaching for diversity, migration and education at Leibniz University Hannover. https://www.diversitas.uni-hannover.de/273.html?&L=1 (since 2012; since 1985 as Interpaed)


The Coach4You project demonstrated in what way coaching could be an invaluable skill for educators and facilitated their access to learning and coaching skills hence made coaching available to a larger population. www.coach4u-project.eu (Duration: 01/2014 – 12/2015) 


I_REF_SoS seeks to promote an effective system for social support and rapid integration of young refugees (16 - 24 years) in the society and the labour market of the host countries.  Hence, the project develops concepts, distributes actions and delivers services to beneficiaries, throughout the refugee journey. The main concept is the effective and efficient use of time young refugees spend in the receiving countries, in order to support their integration in their final destination. (Duration: 10/2017-09/2019)


The EMAT project sought to respond to the severe problems of exploitation, under-employment and unemployment of migrants and their families in the European labour market. Its aim was to exploit the specialist knowledge and experience of migrant support organisations to develop a toolkit, which would enable Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) providers to deliver improved education, training and employment outcomes for migrants. The European Migrant Advisors Toolkit (EMAT) is a set of tools for individuals and organisations who advise others on how to find employment. It is intended to support them to work with migrants who are seeking employment in their new country in the European Union (EU). www.migrant-toolkit.eu (Duration: 2012-2013)